Monologue about healthy diets in your life

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Monologue about healthy diets in your life.

Despite all this bad things, I think that in a healthy lifestyle the most important thing are sports and diets. Food plays important role in our health. Consequently, I always try to have a good diet to improve my health and avoid some problems. Also diet for me not only helps improve a healthy lifestyle, but also helps maintain ideal weight. Sports also plays vital role in keeping my body healthy. First of all, exercises beautify body, burning calories and helps maintain weight. By the way, can help prevent heart diseases, diabets and some cancer.

What food would you like to have on your school canteen’s menu? Why?

Our canteen provides all kinds of food. We can get vegetarian food and non- vegetarian food. In menu there different meal for us to choose every day. For example: pilaw, steak and soup. Secondly, our canteen has a wide selection of salads: vegetable salad with mayonnaise, rice salad with bacon, bread and etc. Also, in school canteen menu are many drinks.

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  • Monologue about healthy diets in your life
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