Monologue about theatre

Monologue about theatre.

Today my topic is related to theatre and I will focus on it. There are many reasons why theatre evolves for thousands of years, and is still developing. Many people describe theatre as something magical, and something that truly provides an extraordinary experience. These days inhabitants choose different culture scopes and has different attitude to them. Some opt to go to the cinema and some prefer to stay at home and watch movies by themselves.

I was provided with a bar chart which displays the data collected on the topic of theatre. The statistics show that most people are interested in watching the latest performances. It makes 75% of all respondents. I reckon that this answer is the one which has ranked up since every person wants to be the first to see the premiers. We see that there was little interest in ‘to meet with friends’ answer which comes up to roughly 37% of the people surveyed.

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