Monologue about getting the news

Monologue about getting the news.

To start with I would like to analyze the given bar chart which gives us information about proportion of people in the United Kingdom who use the smartphone to get the news. The bar chart gives information that the majority of respondents 25 percent intended going to use smartphones in 2015. 2016 34 percent, almost like in 2017, difference is only 5 percent. And in 2018 44 percent of peaple were intented to smartphones, that almost half of UK populiation.

Talking about me, do I think that smartphone is the best device for getting the news? My answer is yes, I can surely agree that It is, because In home I don’t have many free time to take a break from everything and go to buy a newspaper, because me as a person I like to spend my free time by doing something productive, so taking smartphone and checking the news is propably the most best option for me.

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  • Monologue about getting the news
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