Modern technologies in our lives

„Modern technologies in our lives“. Travel. Communication. Entertainment. Health. Biometric. Education. How technology has affected our lives? Examining mummies. Why we should examine the mummies? Rest in piece, mummie. Tut‘s curse. Some interesting facts and pictures of old discoveries. The Venetian Vampire. Terra Cotta Army. The Screaming Mummies.

Vaccines Medicines Testing Disease Managment Transplants X-Ray CT scan MRI.

Computers in classrooms Internet resources Distance learning Television.

Many people wanted to learn about mummies, and what they looked like inside.  So, in 1896 a british archeologist named William Flinders Petrie began using X-ray techniques to examine mummies without unwrapping them.  Modern times allow us to examine mummies in a different way- through X-ray analysis, CAT scanning, and DNA testing.

Modern technology allows us to get closer to the past. We can find out what diseases the mummy suffered and how long it lived.

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  • Modern technologies in our lives
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