Modern Technologies and Education

Modern Technologies and Education.

Well, in terms of modern IT, I think that today it‘s very advanced, because we use them every day. IT helps us to quickly find the information, we don‘t need to flip through books or dictionaries. IT also enables faster to commuticate with people, increase communication level. As well as new IT causes the student's interest in the lesson. Well for example, now I'm telling you something, and I'm showing pictures. So, I think it's more interesting than a simple narrative. However, IT encourages fraud and cheat. Also, damage our health, and encourages dependency. Today, also I use a computer, smart board, telephone and all the other things, which in the past we didn‘t.

And finally I would like to say, what today we are able to learn not only in school, but also online.So, now I‘ll speak about distance of learning. I think, this teaching method is good for those who can’t come to school, who work, or simply don’t have time for this, because studying and want to improve their level of learning.

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