Meterials in Senegal, Tanaf

Meterials in Senegal, Tanaf.

Where to find: lagoon with clayey substrates, zones subject to high tides

dimensions of the branches: diameter: 5 cm; length: 2 m; length of the roots: 2m

The baobab characterize the inland landscapes where the fruit-growing is less dense for characteristics of the subsoil and for lack of water. In fact, the plant has a good resistance to drought feeding of minerals through massive roots. The area is not particularly rich in Baobab which become more numerous in eastern Senegal, but the trade and processing of the Baobab is practiced to obtain a high-strength wood. Even if the palm wood is mostly used in construction you have to know that the trunks of baobab are very large and have a good wood density, which allow a good application in construction. The baobab is also used to make nutritious fruit juice, not very welcome to local people for cultural reasons, but very widespread abroad. The product is then processed, packaged and sold.

Where to find: valleys with sandy banks, inland of the Basin

Properties: High resistance,Low workability, Excellent drought resistance, Low resistance to salinity

Palm trees are a key resource for the local economy. From them it is possible to get palm oil and coconut, products widely used in the kitchen. The palms are found in natural or artificial groupings with a number of units from 10 to 50. They are at risk because, in the absence of rice crops, farmers are dedicated only to these trees, often abusing them and favoring their decay. The same wood production is particularly abused for the use in construction and craft. The dried leaves are used for the roofs of houses, but also for moments of holidays such as floral arrangements as well as for the production of baskets.

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