Medieval Towns

Medieval Towns. Index. Beginning. Where did towns develop? Rules. Shops. Guilds. Apprentices. Layout of Streets. Problems in Medieval towns. What buildings were there ?. Whet were they like ? What were they made of? Quiz. Thank you for watching.

The beginning of medieval towns Where did towns develop? Rules Shops Apprentices and Guilds Layout of Streets Problems in towns Buildings.

Medieval towns were mainly created by wealthy Barons/lords The Lords soon realised that creating medieval towns was a very profitable business They charged high rents for the properties within the medieval towns They collected a percentage of the profits made in town markets Medieval towns were usually built within wooden walls or stone walls that protected the inhabitants.

They developed near: castles or manors monasteries forests rivers seas ruins of old cities.

An Apprentice was a trainee who lived with his Master His training took 2-7 years depending on the craft He then progressed to journeyman.

What buildings were there ? Whet were they like ?

Private Buildings Industrial Buildings Religious Buildings Military Buildings Buildings were narrow, quite tall and close to each other.

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