Meals consumed outside of the house

Meals consumed outside of the house.

And the lowest percentage is for dinner. Only 10 percent of corespondents, told that they are eatting dinner outside their houses. Bottom segment shows us, that more and more people choose enjoyable evening with their families or friends at home.

And what about me, I choose just to eat lunch or snack at the cafe sometimes, but more i prefer eat meals at home. I love to cook and spend time with my family. Also, homemade food is cheaper and more delicious. But my friends have different opinion. Some of them prefer lunch, dinner, snacks outside of the houses more than homemade food. They think, that meals is tastier, when you don‘t have to make it by yourself.

I totally agree, with statement, that nowday young people are nor concerned about their eating habits. More and more teenagers has diseases, which was caused by lack of vitamins or minerals. Young people choose to eat in fast food restaurants, at cafe , because of their fast rhythm of life and habit, to do nothing by themselves.

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  • Meals consumed outside of the house
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