Management homepaper

Management homepaper.

Company is located in Italy, we are the owners of 3 factories with about 60.500 employees; so basically is a big company that focus in automation business.

REDUCE EMPLOYEES: one of the most common strategy when the company is in crisis, is to minimize the number of the employees in order to decrease the amount of expenses. This is due especially for the high taxes that the company should pay to keep an employee;

CHANGE SUPPLIERS: another strategy is to find new suppliers who sell you raw materials and services, maybe with the same or less quality, but with cheaper prices;

EMISSION BONDS: our financial situation is not so good, so we need to get more liquidity in the easiest way to pay our debts, receive trust from the market and especially to do investments to apply new strategies to improve our actually economic and financial situation, improving our position/competitiveness in the market;

OUTSOURSING: we already said that Italy does not provide a favourable situation to our company, for this reason, one way to keep out of that it is to move to other country in order to find a most beneficial situation, because there are countries with lower taxes, better financial situation, promote investments and lower labour costs;

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