January the 13th in Lithuania essay

January the 13th in Lithuania.

January the 13th 1991 was and still is one of the scariest days in Lithuanian history. That day many people sacrificed their lives for Lithuania’s freedom, they sacrificed their lives for the lives we have now. Since that day is one of the most memorable days for all Lithuanians, I’ll give you the exact events that happened from January the 12th to January the 13th.

11 p.m. A group of unknown people who declared themselves to be the "National Rescue Committee", addressing the Supreme Council and the Lithuanian people, stated that "it is our duty to take all power in Lithuania into our hands in order to avoid economic collapse and fratricidal war."

24 hours Tanks, armored vehicles, covered trucks moved from the Northern military town towards Karoliniškės. One of the trucks is the KGB Alfa group.

2 p.m. Armored vehicles and tanks surround the building of the Radio and Television Committee, start shooting at the building and the people on duty, occupying the Committee building and studios. The military is obstructing the capture of the bodies and injured.

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