Email term paper

Electronic mail – definition. Types of electronic post. Classification of email messages. Advertising in electronic post. Advantages of electronic post. Conclusions. Sources.

Email is the most widely used Internet service. Its main advantages are convenience and expediency. An email can be sent and read at any convenient time of day. The study concludes that people are more likely to respond to e-mails than they write in a traditional way.

This is important if you are often not at home with a computer or you are a very busy person and your friends and colleagues would like to contact you. By e-mail you can communicate with people and maintain important contacts, have the opportunity to manage your work. This is a very convenient thing if you want to:

send a video file, any text or a music video

Access to the mailbox is password protected. The principle of e-mail operation is based on the metaphor of the traditional mail already known to us - the letters are called messages, they are sent to mailboxes, so you can read the letter at any time. Serving mail servers support such boxes created by a specific name in the web space.

According to a unique email address you will receive a simple email form, which is considered a standard:,

1.The Internet - computer or any device that needs to be connected to the Internet

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