Inflation in Lithuania

Inflation in Lithuania.

 Huge and indecisive inflation makes obscurity and big risk that's how it's stopping economical grows Because of inflation  purchase is falling, the poverty is growing   Because of huge inflation and fair that it will grow so fast , companies take risk by investment for a long time.

 In pursuance to stop inflation growing and fluctuation we must to control inflation With money and fiscal politics we can influence inflation level.

The Lithuanian inflation average of the year , made by using classification of individual consumption by purpose adopted to the needs of HICPs).

1.the savings depreciate 2.the debtor suffer 3. People who's getting regular profit purchase power is decreasing 4.if in one country inflation level is bigger than another country then export goods competition falls down 5.hyperinflation can course all and economic fall.

Supports currencies rate against other currencies2.when inflation is grows people who took a credit with a fixed interest rate getting better options, because they need to give back same amount but they purchasing power will be lower.

Inflation makes lot of negative consequences, that's why we trying to stop it  2.

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