History of motorcycle

History of motorcycle. History of the motorcycle . Motorcycles in present. Motorcycles in sports Stunt riding Motorcycle stunt riding. Front Upper Stay . Motorcycle drag racing Motorcycle drag racing . Enduro and Cross Country racing. Content History of motorcycles Motorcycles in present Motorcycles in sports.

Stunters modifies their motorcycles to better controll and adapt them to the sport. [4] Stunting equipment includes:

All in all, the prototype of the original motorcycle has changed a lot and its became very successful. Motorcycles in these times are much more advanced than the old, which now become antique ones. Motorcycles are popular all over the world and are interest to many people. Motorcycle sports require not only a good motorcycle and its special preparation, but also high physical fitness and a lot of workouts to achieve good results.

[3] Kawasaki ZX-6r made for stunt riding [4] Rider from Lithuania Arūnas Gibieža

with all necessaries modifications also known as Aras performing trick named

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