History of mathematics

History of mathematics in 17th and 18th centuries. The 17th century -Age of Reason. Johan Napier’s Logarithms. Henry Briggs and the Development of Logarithms. René Descartes. Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion. Newton’s Principia – Kepler’s Laws “Proved”. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Pierre de Fermat. The 18th century. The Bernoulli‘s brothers – Jacob and Johann. Leonhard Euler – most influential mathematician of the century. Abraham de Moivre. Joseph Louis Lagrange. Johann Heinrich Lambert. Jean le Rond d'Alembert. Thank you. References.

Author : Edita Basytė , ekonometrics, course 1.

∫ - integral sign representing an elongated S, from the Latin word summa.

His main contribution to mathematics was invention of modern number theory.

Leonhard Euler – most influential mathematician of the century.

Standardized modern mathematics notation with symbols : ∑, π, ℮, i (i2=-1), f(x).

Provided a rigorous proof that π is irrational.

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