Genetics essay

Genetics essay.

Brief history of genetic engineering started when two scientists James D. Watson and Francis Crick, by a world sensation identified the structure of DNA in 1953. Later on, in 1973 Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer applied their knowledge of DNA and successfully recombinant first organism. By isolated and enzyme that could precisely cut segments of DNA in an organism and found a way to introduce antibiotic carrying plasmids into bacteria and a way to isolate and clone the genes in the plasmids. They used their knowledge to create a way to clone genetically engineered molecules in foreign cells. Their discoveries led to the creation of a quick and easy way to make chemicals such as a human growth hormone and synthetic insulin. This year on the word scale is held as genetic engineering discovery year.

Nowadays genetic engineering grew a lot and opened a door to many advantages in human life. From crop production to theoretical human genetic manipulation where genetic engineering is used in areas such as medicine industry to treat disease or diagnose problems, produce industrial products, convert industrial waste and perform better scientific research.

As mentioned above, nowadays genetic engineering is widely used in medicine and one of it is diagnostics. It developed an opportunity for faster, cheaper and more accurate diagnosis for certain diseases not only in laboratory but in human body as well. Certain conditions like hormonal changes, pregnancy, cancer or infectious diseases are being able to identify using genetic engineering testing. For example, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be diagnosed in faster and more accurate test using genetically modified HIV antigens. Other diagnosis includes genetically modified antibodies with markers that can be injected into the human body directly to detect particular disease.

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