Free time activities: sport

Free time activities(Sport). What is my sport (History). Play tabble tennis, it‘s realy interesting sport. Why I chose this sport? Why i chose. My first competition. My first competition was in town named Širvintos. My gouls. My gouls from. My worst competition. Well in my. My another hobbies. Have many. Doubles. When near the.

I play tabble tennis, it‘s realy interesting sport, who have very wide history. First table tennis appeard in Uniten Kingdom in 1880. People who playing this sport call him ping-pong then name of this sport chage in table tennis.

Why i chose this sport well becouse when I was young in my scholl come table tennis player he come in the class and recomeneded to try this sport at first it doesn‘t like me but when i come second time and trainer give me racket i realized then it realy like to my.

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  • Free time activities: sport
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