Forms of business and their development China

Introduction. Theoretical background Forms of Business organisations. Different forms of business Organisations. A Short description and Comparison of Forms of business. Forms of Business organisation and its development. Situation analysis of forms of Business in China. Conclusions and recommendations. Reference.

This report is aimed to identify the different forms of business organizations, Forms of business organization refers to the type of business and it’s ownership then how they are maintained and controlled well with the coordination and good utilization of resources to achieve a positive impact in to the business and it’s comparison, while considering the current situation to future this form of business organizations their forms are evolving widely, generally the forms of business organizations include sole proprietorship, general partnerships, public and private companies etc. then also about its development then the situation analysis of forms of business organizations in China, the main objective of report is to mention about the forms of business and how it’s development is done, the systems and pollical changes, continuous improvement, innovation etc. The research method includes quantitative and qualitative methods, references of books and scientific resources, statistical data’s.

In this world international business is growing wider, there are different types of business firms, the firms which are selling a product or a service so mainly which includes group of people, partners, single ownership and so on, the business can be anything a logistic company, an industry, transportation, trade, financing, consultation, leasing a product or service, insurance, E-commerce business etc. The Forms of business mention about different types of business activities and how the involvement of entrepreneur or group of people, partners create a positive impact to various business, there are lot of steps to move forward and make them in right way then put forms of business to correct position. For example, an Industry is manufacturing socks, in industry the holder must obtain a land, create plan make a building then buy machineries and equipment’s, manage ICT systems, then industry need employees, then raw materials like yawns, different colors of cloths etc. to produce socks and keep everything on right track and produce the product then only it’s possible to produce the final product as socks and trade it to the consumers and earn revenue. So, for doing any kind of business and to get succeed it’s essential to put all the resources in right path, manage, control the activities in a good way all those preparations is called as a business organization. (Business Studies D. Golman). In business organization it’s necessary to provide the required capital, then it’s important to arrange the resources, implement them in action, and co-ordinate and control the necessary activities and then also to earn the desired revenue. In case of bulky business not only the single person who is managing all activities, but it can be the group of people, partners and so on. In that case there will me more involvements of persons join hands to finance and manage the business in a good flow and segment its profits as per their contract. Therefore, in business organizations all those activities will be maintained, controlled and managed by an individuals or group of individuals which can be a form of partnership or joint stock company all those arrangement of ownership and management is called as a form of business organization.

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  • Forms of business and their development China
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