Five famous places in Lithuania

Five famous places in Lithuania. Hill of Crosses. The precise reason, why of leaving crosses on the hill is uncertain. Hills park. Hills Park is. Gedimina‘s tower. Gedimina‚s Tower is the remaining part of the Upper Castle in Vilnius. Trakai castle. Trakai Island Castle - is an island castle located in Trakai. Puntukas stolen. Puntukas is the second largest stone in Lithuania.

The former- ankstesnio. Uprising- sukilimas. The precise- tikslus.

Upper- viršutinis. Excellent vantage point- puikus požiūris. Admired- žavėtis. former national currency- buvusios nacionalinės valiutos. Mentioned- minėta. Numerous - garsus. Folk- liaudies.

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  • Five famous places in Lithuania
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