Electronic device - computer

Electronic device - computer . A computer is an electronic device. The various parts. Nowadays, we couldn't meet a person who doesn't know what the computer is. Computers help . People are using.

Computers help students save time . Student dont need to go through large amouts of books and researche journals to acces the infomation they needed.Students become more creative, also whit computers students see what others have created,that is increasing stundets desire to create.

Computers help alot in medicine . A modern medical facility uses a large number of computer tools and devices to help doctors and nursing staff better carry out their functions.

Computers have advantages and disadvantages but today we couldnt meet peoples who doesnt have computer its like our routine , we can use them for studying or we can just waste our time and energy. But computers is what we need the most in our jobs, when we cant do something computer can at that helps us alot.

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  • Electronic device - computer
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