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Egypt. A country located. Egyptian summers are. The Pyramid of Cheops. The Pyramid of Cheops - the largest of the Egyptian pyramids. Also in Egypt. Cleopatra – queen of Egypt. Cleopatra - the last queen of Egypt from the Hellenistic Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty. Mummies. The Egyptians believed that part of a person’s soul. Today, scholars work hard to preserve human and animal mummies in specially designed cases. Pharaohs. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Egyptian Gods. Except for a.

Egyptian summers are very hot, in the afternoon the thermometer can sometimes approach the fifty-degree mark in the shade, but the night is always much cooler, diurnal temperature differences are large enough. Intra-seasonal temperature differences are not so great. On the shores of daily and seasonal fluctuations in slightly less than the depth of the territory. Winters in Egypt cooler, daytime temperature in January is usually varies from 20-25 ° C.

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  • Egypt country presentation
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