The country I would like to visit presentation: Canada

“The country I would like to visit”. General information. The country I would visit is Canada. Capital city. Languange. Population. Religion. Places to visit. Banff National Park. Hell's Gate. Dawson City. Drumheller Badlands. Traditional food. Currency. Famous people from canada. Customs. Thank for your attention.

I am studying in 8D class. This project will prepare the IT lesson. Here I describe the country who I would like to visit. Described it’s capital, population, language, attractions, traditional food, currency and advice for what souvenirs can be purchased only in this country, find out what famous people living there.

Canada, the two official languages ​​- French and English. In 1969. July 7. approval of official languages ​​act in French was compared with the English in all respects, it started becoming a bilingual country in the Canadian process.

Hell's Gate - a narrow and fast-flowing Fraser River Canyon Fraser duct located in the Canadian province of British Columbia.Tourists are especially attracted by a walk bridge kabamuoju routed over srauniausios space. Surrounding the granite cliffs of 152 m in height.

Dawson - a former famous Klondike gold rush center. In 1898. just a few months, this small village has become one of the richest and most famous places in the world.Over 100,000 people come here to seek happiness and riches. Although the nineteenth century gold rush. was nothing new, nothing short of Klondike gold rush.

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  • The country I would like to visit presentation: Canada
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