Ecoland Company Activity Report

Ecoland Company Activity Report.

FancyShoe company each year tried to successfully plan its production and sales, tried to optimize and effectively use its available and potential workforce, plant and equipment. One of the company‘s objectives was to sell everything what has been produced. These objectives and plans had help for a company to save money, but in the beginning the planning was not successful and the calculation was not precise. In financial year 1,2,4 and 6 FancyShoe had a loss due the miscalculations. In a Graph 2 there is possibility to see that in financial year 1 and financial year 2 FancyShoe with available plant and equipment was able to produce 330000 units, but with the available workforce was able to produce less than 285000, and it means that company unused all the available equipment, which could be sold and not employed the required number of employees for the maximum available production. In financial year 4 the big mistake was done, company miscalculated available plant and equipment and employ much more employes than necessary and for it company overpaid, also in the same financial year 4 FancyShoe decide to raise the wages (graph 10). Most successfully year in a planning of production and sales was years 3, 5 and 8, because in that years company earned most profits. (Graph 7). However, in graph 2 visible that FancyShoe did not have the perfect scenario of planning production and sales. If it was precisely planned how many equipment and workforce a company needs for a certain production, can be that planned sales may fail and company in anyway will suffer, there is no matter how precisely it was planned.

In a graph 3 is visible how it was successful for a Fancyshoe to sell its product in Ecoland, abroad and what part of market occupied all market companies. As seen in a graph above, FancyShoe the biggest market share occupied and overtake its competitors in financial year 5 and 7, export in all year was approximately 70%. FancyShoe and other companies sales in each year has changed, for example sales in some year were higher, and in other years 15 – 20% were lower. This waving happened in each years, therefore needed to plan very carefully FancyShoe production, necessary equipment and workforce amount, that company do not face a bigger losses.

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