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Eco Design.

Another advantage is reduced packaging. As the one set comes up from one plastic handle and four heads, demand of packaging would be reduced by half than it was before. The old packaging method required 5 grams of material for one set, manufacturer needed total 4900 tons of plastic to pack all of the toothbrushes a year. Compared to the new packaging which weight of the set is by 1 gram higher and requires 490,000,000 sets to be done, which is half than before it requires only 2940 tons of material to be used. These changes would save around 2000 tons of material used only for the packaging a year compared to the old method. As well it saves time and input energy used for packaging toothbrushes.

The main materials for making plastic toothbrushes usually are polypropylene and polyethylene for the handle, and Nylon is the main material for the bristles.

Polypropylene is going to be used as the main material for the toothbrush handle, so to produce 1kg of it will require 6.

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