Different languages - same values

Different languages - same values.

Additionally, humanity is seeking to reduce pollution. Huge sums of money are being invested in eco-friendly inventions like: electric cars, solar panels, wind power plants and other alternative energy sources. Also special summit conferences are being organised. During these meetings heads of government are consulting how to deal with the biggest global problems like global warming and the depletion of ozone layer.

On the other hand, there is some people who aren’t so upright and have “slightly” different values. Lots of refugees are just pretending that they suffer from war and are just seeking for free accommodation. Also oil magnates are actively trying to stop the evolving of alternative energy sources. In this way they earn exorbitant amount of profit. However, I believe that we will deal with this type of people and keep pursuing the idea of peaceful and clean world.

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  • Different languages - same values
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