European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages. Europa-kalbų lobynas. The official languages of the EU. Irish. English. Bulgarian. Czech. Danish. Estonian. Greek. Spanish. Italian. Latvian. Polish. Lithuanian. Maltese. Dutch. Norwegian. Portuguese. French. Romanian. Slovak. Slovenian. Finnish. Swedish. Hungarian. German. Most of the EU's common foreign languages. Thank you for attention .

Languages used to help us understand who we are. 500 million people in Europe used languages Variety as a huge mosaic of the whole continent.

Dia duit Go raibh maith agat Is brea liom tu Slan.

Hi Dank u Ik hou van je Afscheid.

Hei Takk skal du ha Jeg elsker deg Farvel.

English 38 proc. German 14 proc. French 14 proc. Spanish 6 proc. Russian 6 proc.

When asked, 84 procent. of respondents think that everyone in the EU, in addition to their mother tongue should speak one more language. About half of the respondents agree that in addition to their mother tongue, should be known in 2 languages.

68 proc of respondents think that English is the most important foreign language to learn. 25 percent. followed by French and 22 proc.-German.

Are proven to language is the most gifted children aged 6-12 years.

People think should be greater support for regional and minority languages.

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