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Croatia! Geographical position. Croatia is located between south-central Europe and middle Europe neighbours Slovenia. Population. Around Climate. Continental climate prevails. Politics. Since 1990, Croatia is democratic republic president is Stjepan Mesić. Culture. Croatian culture is. It is a. Demographics. The population of Croatia has been stagnating over the last decade. History. The Croatians settled. Croatia was recognized. Economy. Croatian economy has a stable market economy the industrial sector is dominated by shipbuilding. Of particular concern is the backlogged judiciary system combined with inefficient public administration. Sport. Most popular sports in Croatia football. The Croatian national. Two main teams. Handball. Members of Croatian. Ivano Balić is considered to be the best handball player in the world. Croatia is the most beautiful country on the earth!

Two main teams in Croatia are FC Dinamo Zagreb with between 33% and 36% of the population supporting them and FC Hajduk Split with about 25%of supporters.

Croatia is the most beautiful country on the earth!

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