Crisis Management and Communication Plan

Crisis Management and Communication Plan .

As mentioned before our business has a lot of different crises possibilities. All of them are listed below:

Table 1: Plan of actions when somebody is poisoned by food

Evaluation of this plan effectiveness is going to be measured by:

Regulatory intervention workers are coming all the time at least once a half year. They are checking trim and hygiene in a workplace. If we will not score the right amount of points, we have to stop our business. Also, our reputation depends on a grading system, how much we scored. We have to be sure that everything is doing by the rules, but not always everything is perfect. Usually regulatory interventions gives from 30 minutes to one hour to prepare before they starts to check. In this period of time we have to make everything to look as good as possible. Situation is dangerous if we score a low number of points.

If we don’t get our products on time, because of the problems in supply chain, it is hard to function in a full power. It is going to mess relationships with our customers. We will be missing some kinds of dishes and it could make our customers unsatisfied and they will lose trust in us. Automatically, reputation decreases.

Start calling and trying to get products as fast as possible from other sources even if we need to pay more

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