Creative industries in Asia presentation

Creative industries in Asia presentation.

Introduction Creative industries Asia China India Israel Japan Singapore Conclusion References.

According to our analysis, we can say that Asia-Pacific creates the biggest part of CI jobs, comparing to the whole world (43%). Percentage of creative goods exports in total Asia exports is constantly decreasing. Percentage of creative goods imports in total Asia imports is around 3%, and over fives years period it remains constant. China is leading Asia in the development of a creative economy. Also, China is the leading country in creative goods exports worldwide. In 2011 Chinese exports of creative goods have reached over $120 bill, and it is more than 3 times bigger than US, which stands in the second position. In all five selected countries, the value of exports and imports in different kind of spheres are extremely contrasting, so it is hard to find the dominating trend among these countries.

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  • Creative industries in Asia presentation
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