Business strategy

Business strategy.

Suggest possible outcomes (opportunities and threats) of BREXIT on the port sector and in particular the Port of Cork Company.

UK has a land-border only with Ireland. Accordingly, changes in post-Brexit transit activities will be affected by the activities of imports to and from the UK, including imports transiting the UK. It may prove to be very difficult to construct a free and frictionless board, a non physical boarder, which will have significant consequences for Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain. Ireland and the UK, aside from being geographical neighbours and sharing a land border, both share very close relations in several industry and business sectors. The freight sector between Ireland and the UK is a growing movement (particularly in the Port of Cork in South Ireland, a natural harbour which is frequently used for business between both countries).

Over 20.5 million tonnes of seaborne tonnage were transported between Ireland and the UK, 2016 statistics show, making up for over 40% of seaborne traffic. (Implications of Brexit for Irelands Transport sectors) In the unfortunate event that such negotiations are put in place that cease all insignificant further barriers to trade, then the impact would be significantly less.

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