Business importance of teams

Business importance of teams.

Example of the permanent and formal teams can be command teams. Command team is a group of people who have the power to give orders to other people. A command team is used when something has to be done. A command team is put in place to ensure people know exactly what needs to be done. Any business can have a command team as it is usually associated with formal meetings because the team would then transfer the information to where it’s supposed to be: like a messenger. Command teams are easier to locate in larger business as there are more people.

There is another formal group which is call quality circle team. Quality circle is a group of employees who meet up regularly, which would mean they are a permanent team, to consider ways of resolving problems and improving their productivity in their organisations. Manufacturers would have quality circle team as they need to improve product retailers. Also they may use it to improve employee’s standards of working. Quality circle helps to complete against other competitors as you can see and discuss what other companies are doing to improve their services etc.

The vertical organisation has a ‘’long chain of command’’ structure with power emanating from top to down. The person at the top has the most power e.g. Chief executive and at the bottom the person has least power e.g. Shop floor worker. It has clear management structure but the freedom and responsibility of employees are restricted.

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