Britney Spears celebrity presentation

Celebrity. Britney Spears. Lithuanian Business College Vilnius unit. Prepared by. Childhood and the beginning of a career. Britney Spears was. Personal life. Spears, after three months of friendship. January. Products and business. Spears signed a multi-millionth contract with Pepsi. Thanks for your attention.

Britney Spears was born in McMobee, Mississippi, [1] [2] but grew up in Kentwood, Louisiana. Being four, Britney Spears first hit the scene, eighteen at the Disney Channel competition, and won the role of The Mickey Mouse Club. The producers first thought she was still too young for such work, but drew attention to extraordinary talent and helped her to improve. While studying in New York, she was featured in a variety of promotional clips and performed in various productions until she became a member of The Mickey Mouse Club. After a year, he decided to leave the choir of Disney's fairy tale hero and wanted to become a soloist. She also appeared in several Broadway theater installations performing childrens, including Ruthless (1991) [5]. 1992 she appeared on the popular TV show "Star Search". She won the first stage of the show, but eventually lost. 1997 Spears joined the girls' pop group "Innosense." [6] Later, in the same year she recorded a demo cartoon and signed a publishing agreement with the recording company Jive Records. [4] She began a tour in America, sponsored by the US teen magazines, and later joined the N'Sync and Backstreet Boys Tours, then acting as a warming performer.

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