Bristol Airport PR Campaign Proposal

Bristol Airport PR Campaign Proposal.

The air passengers’ growth as 3% a year between 2010- 2050 (Oxford Economies, 2011).

The Airport Ground landing Regulations require specific safety, security, capacity and space constraints.

84% of passengers are satisfied with Bristol Airport (BA, 2015).

Bristol Airport suffers flight disruption due to air traffic control issues.

High percent of night noise complaints in 2014 as shown in Appendix 1.

Flight services’ limitation comparing with other international airports (BA, 2014).

The tourism is expected to grow with the higher expenditure level; the terminal expansion will allow to attract more customers outside the local area (Barclays, 2013).

The migration growth in Bristol will ensure the need of a new terminal (CMT, 2015).

South Wales and South East continue to strengthen infrastructure regulations by increasing investment charges (Amec, 2011).

New technology and modern infrastructure are continually changing that is important to adopt ongoing systems to maintain a competitive environment within the Europe context (AEF, 2015).

Carbon emissions can increase by transport, including the need of buses and planes (BA, 2015).

North Somerest power on development planning is designed to keep the minimal CO2 growth (Bristol Post, 2009).

Bristol council had raised concerns about the noise level and air quality control as Bristol Airport had failed to provide evidence in the past (UK Airport News, 2009).

Bristol Airport has highly skilled operations and engineering teams that can be involved to create a sustainable Airport expansion to manage the potential aviation problems (BA, 2015).

The employees’ power is the most important for this project. By increasing their interest, they can implement their knowledge and skills to adopt the successful performance (Berger, 1998).

Cleeve Parish Council had concerned about the potential increase in night flights’ impact that can affect local residents in the near area (Bristol Post, 2009).

The Grunig’s Situational theory (1984) explains the publics’ different stance on different issues. The campaign should to manage communication differently depending on their interest and power (Ruler, 2009). In this situation, the employees skills and duties difference make influence on the decision making level.

Active: The Planning and Development team is the most active public as it manages all constructions and developing innovative solutions to provide the operational and commercial benefits for Bristol Airport (BA, 2015). The CEO automatically is most engaged in all issues and decisions which includes the negative impact of traffic, air pollution or noise problems (Men, 2012).

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