Advertising Promotional plan Indoor rock climbing gym

Advertising Promotional plan Indoor rock climbing gym.

Probably the most exciting thing for our target group is a great quality videos, which can create emotions. Here we are going to collaborate with video makers, who are able to create an amazing short films. We imagine about some videos, which stimulates adrenaline even when you only watch them. It is not that so hard to make this type of video to advertise rock climbing, because it is quite an extreme sport. Our main message from those short films should be just to show a beauty of this sport. It can be done really well by making video somewhere in the mountains, where you feel the emotions of people, who are giving their all power to climb to the top and everything is mixed with glorious views of a nature. When those short films will reach a success it will be great to make a longer one also. In some of those videos we will use famous people and in this way create a brand image of our service.

Secondly, we are going to advertise and promote our service by using print media. We will use various of it, just the main thing what we have to be considered about - is design. We have to put a lot of work to make it look good. It is important to keep a quality, because this thing creates our brand image and people remember better when they see print advertising in such a nice form. However, that is not enough, it is necessary to give a message to our future consumers, which will attract them. We will try to use original and unique messages in all types of print advertising

One of the most popular magazines in Lithuania is „Žmonės” (People) and it has its’ another line called “Sporto Žmonės“ (Sport people). We are going to advertise our service on it and because this journal takes priority to talk about famous people, we have a plan how to connect our service with some famous people. This journal content talks a lot about lives of those successful people and there plenty of stories about them.

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  • Advertising Promotional plan Indoor rock climbing gym
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