1950’s fashion

1950’s fashion. Main influence. Main influence. Iconic figures. Marilyn Monroe. The main elements of women‘s hairstyles. Pin curls. Ponytail. Brushed under bob. The Gamine Look. Bubble cut and poodle cut. Bubble cut. Bouffant. Men’s hairstyles. Duck tail. Pompadour. Conservative style. Slicked back style. Hair accessories. Hats. Headbands and headscarves. Make up. Foundation –near to natural skin color. Powder Eyeshadows Eyeliner Lips –redish pink lipsticks. Important words. Pin curls Standing up. Sources.

Foundation –near to natural skin color.

Pin curls Standing up pin curl Rolls Bobby pin Clip Pixie cut Shaggy fringle Ponytail High-cut Volume Flip it up/back Headband Headscarve Rouges Hold in place Styling gel.

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  • 1950’s fashion
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