10 facts about world religions

10 facts about world religions.

1.In Buddhism, ______________ isn't a place reached through death but is instead a state achieved through enlightenment, which can sometimes take multiple reincarnations.

2.In ______________ there are patron saints for nearly everything including beekeepers, headaches, and coffee.

3.For ______________, menorahs burn through 44 candles – adding one candle each of the 8 nights, plus the "shamash", a candle used to light the others each night.

4.The three "main" gods (aka the "trimurti" or "three forms") worshiped by Hindus are Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and ______________ the destroyer. There are also many more gods and goddesses ("devas" and "devis") that are also acknowledged.

5.Converting to Islam requires three main things: a formal statement of faith (shahadah) in front of one to three witnesses; proclaiming there is only one God, that ______________ is God's prophet; and converting freely, not by force.

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  • 10 facts about world religions
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