Youth sport

Youth sport.

Nowdays we are living in the modern world. Sometimes everybody thinks, that childs, teenagers spends a lot of time playing computer games, watching TV. But I want to disagree with this people opinion. Now most childs, teenagers spends them free time playing active sports: basketball, voleyball, football and other sports. So, today I want to share some my ideas about youth sport in USA and in Lithuania also about benefits of youth sport.

So, to begin with I want to present informatikon in the chart. How we see in the USA even 85 procents do sports with their parents. I think, that it‘s good, because parents are carrying about their child health. Also there are 67 procents boys, who play organized sports. 60 procents, who play sports outside school. I strongly believe, that this procent can be bigger, because all kids are very energetic, so they can spend more time outside.

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