Mending Broken Heart. Human Heart Donation. Year Surgeon Donor. Potential animal organ donor . The Immunobiological Barriers of Heart Xenotransplantation Hyperacute dismissal. Acute vascular rejection.

All things which move in this world have more or less thing which does work of engine. Human body is also not exclusive. We have heart which does engine role. Heart job is to collect blood from our body then it pumps it to lungs where blood gets oxygen then the blood comes to heart and travels through the all our body. So we can call it our pump. But sometimes our pump stops it blood doesn't reach longs and after it doesn't go through all our body, after 4 mins of not heart beating brain cells starts dying and that means that our body step by step is dying. At that situation our heart needs as much as it can fast help. But not always we can help to our heart, not always we can fix it sometimes we need to change it. Our technologies, science also medicine and everything is going forward, so right now there's ways to fix or to change human heart without need of human organ donation.  

Tissue engineering- main thing is to make tissue, organs or it parts using artificial frames and individual patient organism cells. An approach to the creation of implantable tissues and organs that utilizes fundamental structural and functional interactions in normal and pathologically altered tissues when creating biological substitutes for restoring or improving the function of tissues 

Artificial heart- is human made heart which mechanical pump that is used to replace a damaged heart temporarily or permanently. It changes real heart keeps patient life for time when patient is waiting for donor. But company "Carmat" is saying that artificial heart can be used even up to years. At that time heart is getting energy to pump blood in human body from lithium-ion battery which are outside of a body also there is sensors which checks and automatically control blood-flow 

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