With regard to Moodle A continuous project of development

With regard to Moodle A continuous project of development.

Figure 1. Top 10 countries by registrations. [Electronic Resource]: https://moodle.net/stats/

Moodle was based on the philosophy that the knowledge rises like an osmosis, as a result of a continuous interaction. Based on the assumption that Moodle is easier to use, the goal is to add value to school classes and to support the individual study for each student because a student must learn how to be autonomous but it doesn’t mean that he has to study all alone. Now we have an umbilical relationship between teaching and learning. And it works not only for a normal student but also a person who has the status working student. However, there are a lot of training action to help teachers how to understand and use this platform. A lot of formations have been guaranteed by the Portuguese government and the Ministry of Education. It’s also evident that teachers can find some guidance documents which can offer some help in getting started with Moodle (for instance, working with media, put some resources, add activities) or just to support them with their doubts. In addition to this, it’s absolutely necessary follow the behaviour and teacher’s feedback in order to make them be familiar and comfortable with the system. In conclusion, these methodologies in the Education can explore the potentials that Media offer. Education can now support the adaptation to a new digital era.

Moodle has another important function as well: it is positive since you are integrated and in contact with important school issues. Thus, it can stimulate an active participation in the sense of the internal cohesion in the school. It reveals that one important goal is to involve and expand the platform to other agents, like white-collar staff or parents. So these people can also grow their like with technology.

The most difficult when someone starts a project like this is to initiate it and raise attention especially when the methods are so stagnant. After then, it happens naturally like an action sequence. Definitely, the challenge is to promote interest and motivation because we all know that media age affects everybody but especially the new generation. We’re talking about one generation which is addicted to technology. This generation knows better that anyone that technology has their advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to this, Moodle offers an online pedagogy that transmits the perspective of “social constructionism of teaching and learning”.

First of all, this type of pedagogy depends especially on two factors: the environmental conditions at the place that students have access to internet and also their predisposition to like to research it means if the students limit themselves to receive information passively. It’s important not to forget that there are some schools that don’t have access to this platform in Porto (Portugal) according to a study made in 2011 in which 90 schools entered. The data show that 80% has the platform available.

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