Why do some people become homeless?

Why do some people become homeless?.

Secondly, among the homeless are some people who started the life successfully, but something happened that they lost everything they had: their houses, jobs, families and so on. And if such people don’t find a way to help themselves, they don’t have any other choice, just to live by begging.

At least, one of the biggest reason why some people become homeless is, of course, alcohol and narcotics. You can be very successful, well-known person, whose life for others looks like a fairytale, but if you bog down to alcohol and drugs quagmire and don’t find or don’t even want help from others, you can lose everything you had very very fast.

To sum up, homeless is a society problem. It’s our choice to condemn or understand stray people.

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  • Why do some people become homeless?
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