What is the secret of success?

What is the secret of success?.

Projektinio darbo tikslas - Find out what success means to me and what does it mean to other people, What is the difference? Understand how others see it.

To be successful, first you must fix everything that is wrong, before you can add other responsibilities to what you are doing now. So first you should stop avoiding the unpleasant part or your job, because it won’t make them go away it will only add them up and at the end you will have lots of work to do in a short amount of time and the best is to do the hard part of the job when you begin, leave the easy part for later if possible.

Never be negative. Staying positive is the key to doing everything fast. By being positive you can achieve much more, because you would think that you will complete the job on a specific time and even if you haven’t done it in time, it will still give knowledge that can be used in the future, but a negative person would say that they couldn’t do their job in time and would just quit, they wouldn’t earn anything, no knowledge no power, because knowledge is power.

Never try to go up. To be successful you need to be able to survive on the level that you are currently on, because if you can’t survive there, then you haven’t got a chance higher. And don’t worry about going up, because when its time you won’t even feel how you got higher. That is because success needs time to achieve.

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  • What is the secret of success?
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