What does French prefer for breakfast

What does French prefer for breakfast.

Foie gras- another very traditional French delicacy rich and taste delicious product made from duck or Goose liver. The birds are bred in a special way, at some point in the period of the application of forced fattening.

Particular attention is paid to the pates, cooked chicken, pork and Goose liver, as well as of meat rabbit with pork and duck, the French are very fond of fish and seafood, which are most often baked or fried. Legendary French dish known worldwide, are snails. Burgundy snails are usually served in their shells with butter, chopped onion, garlic, and herbs. gourmet connoisseurs have popular oysters. It is believed that there are these clams can be only months, names that have the letter "p". The oysters are served and eaten alive by pouring lemon juice. Everyone knows that in France used a special breed of meat-eating frogs. Frog legs can be purchased at any supermarket. Before consuming them pickled, dipped in flour and fried until golden brown.

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