Water pollution presentation

Water pollution presentation.

A huge problem is the sludge which accumulates in complex areas cleaning, removaland utilization. The sludge can be fertilized to the fields, but they contain harmfulsubstances and bacteria. So they have buried in pits lined with insulating material toenter the groundwater.

Marine pollution by different ways: they poured oil on the tanker crew negligence,sometimes it is done in order to save money that would pay for the processing orstorage.Another believes that the polluters emitted one tonne of other chemicals would not cause serious damage, but since there are many who think so, our seas and oceans are suffering from their greed and incompetence.

As a result, many aquatic animals are killed, and even their species. Water pollutionharms himself and the man drunk or bathed in polluted water may cause stomachproblems, various allergies.

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