Water need in Lithuania

Water need in Lithuania.

Over the years, Lithuania falls out an average of 750 mm of precipitation. Of these, 52% evaporates, 32% drains due to the terrain and soil factors. Lithuania is in excess moisture area. There are many rivers, lakes and exudative aquifers. Lithuanian Geological Survey study showed that the Northwest Lithuania underground water resources amount to 3.72 million cubic meters per day. Production is limited to 370 thousand cubic meters per day, and its only one tenth of the water available in Lithuania.

Biggest groundwater water consumption in Lithuania was between 1985-1989. It was Close to 1 million m3 per day. About a decade after getting independence, water consumption has been steadily declining until and it maintained a fairly stable for several years until 2004. From that time it began to increase. The least amount of water was consumed in 2004. - 0.33 million m3 per day.

According to calculations, Lithuanian biggest cities on average consumes about 80 liters of water per day . In terms of the United Nations data, which states that a person per day should could sufficiently use from 20 to 50 liters of water, it isconsidered to be too much.

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