Vocabulary teaching

Vocabulary teaching .

When we know a word we know whether it is frequently occurring word or rare one; whether it is old-fashioned; limited to American rather then British usage; more suitable for spoken English than written English; colloquial, formal or neutral; impolite; limited to children speech etc.

5)coverage(capacity of a word to take the place of other words)

For ex. the word foot is useful word from the point of view of coverage, it can often be used to make definition of other words(Your heel is the back part of your foot). It’s meaning can be extended to replace other words(The base of a tree-the foot of a tree). It can combine with other words to make new words(footpath, football, footstep, foot-and-mouth disease)

To fix the number of words, a teacher should know her/his learners’ vocabulary at the beginning of the course(you can find this information by testing, counting the words in the previous textbooks);their required vocabulary at the end of the course(by counting the words in the course book, setting a goal that you think they could reach)

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