Velorex cars

Introduction. About company. Company history. Three-wheeled car. Technical parameters. Conclusions. Resources.

The topic of my Individual project is VELOREX cars. My aims of the project is to tell you about this car history, technical parameters and other interesting things. Why I desided this car? My whole life I‘m interested in old motorcycles JAWA. I have restored some this brand motorcyles wich had a sidecars. The most interesting thing is, that sidecars for JAWA created the other compony VELOREX. And when I started to take interest about VELOREX sidecars, I found out that this company also had created some mini cars. So today I‘m going to tell you about VELOREX cars.

So Velorex three-wheeled car is really interesting model. And I think that this car made life easier for disabled and other people. Now it looks like a car which you can use just to go for a ride and chill, but when this model were created , people used it as a daily vehicle even during the winter.

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