Uprising and migration essay

Uprising and migration essay.

Not the last uprising,but also very important uprising in Lithuania.The rebellion on June was led by Lithuanian front activists in order to regain Lithuanian independancy,wich started in 1941 m. June 22 when Nazi Germany attacked soviet union.When mass banishments of Lithuanian people had just started on 15 of June,some of the cities and even villages have been visited by Lithuanian front activists,who gave direct orders to the rebels to arm themselves,hide and wait for their singal.Suddenly a lot of partisan groups started to appear in Lithuania who were poorly armed and were noticed by the soviet union.Secretly there was a message going across Lithuania which told that the war may start between Germany and TSRS in June 16-26.

The rebellion had started on the second day of the World war 2 and lasted for a whole week, from 22-28 of June.

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  • Uprising and migration essay
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