Toni Morrison Beloved the book review

Toni Morrison Beloved the book review.

Beloved is the ghost and regenerated older Sethe's daughter. She was murdered by her mother to keep the child out of slavery. Her real name is known. Beloved knows about her mother Sethe many facts for example: a pair of earrings Sethe possessed long ago, about a song Sethe made up for her children. She vanishes completely at the end of the book. Beloved as a character represents painful past. Danver and Sethe were taught by this little ghost how to forget the past.

There are one inner conflict – Sethe`s inability to speak about her past and unforgettable memories, because of these reasons she can`t live a normal life.

In my opinion, Toni Morrison created this novel as a memory of slavery

and the covered message is not forget about the past events.

To be honest, it is a perfect book and I liked it, but it was really difficult to read. And I think to understand this book, person should read it more than one time.

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