Tolerance essay

Tolerance essay.

Tolerance is the authorized person to be themselves and live as he wants. But the man, his lifestyle, behavior and language does not violate other human rights and freedoms - such as libel or promote cope with it. Not all opinions, not all the words or actions of others might like, but if this is expressed as an opinion, there is nothing you can not punish the mere fact that you have said that you do not like something.

Tolerance is not absolute - it ends where another person's rights are violated or pursued other criminal activity.

Residents consider themselves tolerant. However, this figure could be questioned, because most of the people expressed their opinion that they are

tolerant, as long as you do not see and can not hear, or tolerated as long as it does not touch them. "But it shows just disregard for other people, rather than tolerance. Faced with another group representative disguised intolerance saw, there is light.

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