Three the most popular interior styles

Three the most popular interior styles.

Especially the influence very increased when in Lithuania was built one of the swedish prides IKEA.

Economy class furniture and interior elements have become popular in Lithuania not only for the excellent quality and relatively low price. IKEA offers like a solutions for the problem in everyday life. Everything in one place. Furniture, curtains, lamps and don’t need to wander around the shops. In one place you can choose a perfect match furniture, lamps, even floors and wall coverings.

White, Bright shades of grey, blue, turqouise and yellow usually sharp contrast Those colours suited for lithuanians and there wasn’t a big difference, becouse usually they’re using bright shades of yellow and grey.

Scandinavians are clearly for natural materials But furniture is usually made from glass, steel and a lot of wood, especially pine or oak. They say that everyone must feel the warmth of a pure material Woodworking in Lithuania is very advanced, so mostly furniture are from wood.

Forms are very simple. Straight shapes. In fact it is very simple geometry; rectangles, cylinders. Just a Clean lines from architecture to furniture. In lithuania was also popular geometry forms. Geometry patterns and textile for home decorations.

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