Threatened and Endangered Species

Threatened and Endangered Species. What Are Endangered and Threatened Species? . What are endangered and threatened species? . Causes of extinction or becoming threatened or endangered. Habitat loss because of natural disaster. Competition with other species. Disease. Climatic Heating and Cooling. Habitat loss because of people’s actions (deforestation). Pollution. Unregulated or illegal killing or collection. Why should we Protect Endangered and Threatened Species? How to Protect Endangered and Threatened Species?

Causes of extinction or becoming threatened or endangered.

Changes made to the earth that are caused .

  Some species are becoming more susceptible to disease and epidemics  Ebola outbreaks have helped to push gorillas close to extinction  Ebola has killed a third of the planet's gorillas.

Habitat loss is the reason why spotted owls are threatened Different aged trees are perfect for owls Forests were cut faster than they could regrow Our fire alarm to the problem of deforestation.

700 Marine Species - Plastic Pollution Global warming -  polar bears.

Passenger pigeon Collector Phillip Cullen killed two large blue butterflies for his collection.

­­Get educated about local endangered species ­Visit a nearby national wildlife refuge or nature centre ­Don’t buy species illegally taken from the wild  or products made from threatened or endangered species.

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  • Threatened and Endangered Species
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